Monthly Archives: April 2010

Many faces of Victor

Victor turns 8 months this week. To celebrate the event we got some pictures to portray his character and personality that show how humorous and active he is. The Audrey Hepburn Style The Ducky Style The Tai-Chi Master The Trouble-Maker The Innocence Style The Cutie Style The Deep-Feeling Style

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View from a crib

Victor loves pulling himself up and standing nowadays. He would crawls around everywhere and when he sees something that he could use for leverage to pull himself up he would work at it until he is on his two legs. For that matter his new repertoire every morning after waking up is standing inside his […]

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A new season

The weather in Boston is getting warmer each day. Victor is also getting bigger everyday. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and with the¬†weather in the 70s ¬†we took him out to introduce him to the grass for the first time. It is amazing to think not long ago he was just a tiny baby who spent […]

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