Monthly Archives: July 2010

Thu & Phil

After dating for more than 10 years Thu and Phil tied the knot on June 26, 2010. They both reminded me of how my wife and I met when we were young and continued dating for over a a decade before we were married to each other. Thanks to their trust in me with the […]

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Hot Summer Swim

Last night Victor was so anxious watching me inflating the plastic swimming pool I bought for him, he hovered around me constantly to check on me and the his pool, occasionally he even climbed into the pool just to test out. Well, thank to my cheap decision of not buying a pump with the pool […]

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One road together

My Cousin Hoai-Phuong and her husband, Anh Tai, spent vacation with us this past week. During their stay it dawned on me that they had been married for thirty three years, wow !┬áthat is so amazing. Watching interacting with each other, with their children, with their granddaught is a life lesson for us to model […]

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